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An Attorney Focused On And Skilled In Mediation And Dispute Resolution

Litigation can be time-consuming and expensive. To avoid delays and ensure cases get settled more quickly and cheaply, most judicial circuits, particularly in north Georgia, require the parties to attend mediation prior to trial. If your legal matter has been referred to mediation or you feel that mediation is the better option for your or your business, then turning to The Waycaster Firm is a good next step.

I am attorney Leslie Waycaster, and I believe strongly in solving problems, not making more problems. I take a practical approach to law that keeps the focus on resolving issues effectively and efficiently. My preferred method is mediation, but if matters need to be handled through litigation, you can rest assured that I will come prepared and be the aggressive advocate you need and deserve.

Experienced. Distinguished. Respected.

In 1995, I was approved by the Georgia Supreme Court to be a certified mediator in the state. Since then, over the course of my 26-year career as a mediator, I have mediated hundred of cases, primarily in the areas of:

  • Personal injury including cases involving injuries and wrongful death
  • Business disputes including breach of contract disputes, partnership disputes, employment contract disputes and more
  • Employment issues and disputes
  • Probate issues
  • Division of property in divorce cases

I am proud of the positive reputation I have earned in northwest Georgia, and I am honored to be recognized as being in the top 5% of mediators in the state of Georgia.

Not Just A Mediator But An Advocate As Well

Although I can act as the third-party mediator in mediation proceedings, I can serve as an attorney instead for my clients.

“I spend a lot of time talking to attorneys and insurance adjusters. That knowledge helps me as a lawyer as well, to know which facts are important in assessing one’s case and to have a better idea of how a jury is likely to view a case.”

As an attorney, I can make sure my clients’ rights and best interests are at the forefront of negotiations and that the best possible outcome truly is being sought. This is not a role I can play as a third-party mediator, but it is one I am happy to take on if the need arises.

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Whether you already have an attorney to represent you and now need a third-party mediator, or you need representation in mediation proceedings, turn to me, attorney Leslie Waycaster, for assistance. Put 30 years of experience, skill and tactfulness to work in your legal matter. To get in touch with me, send me an email through my online contact form or call my Dalton office at 706-441-3940.