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The top 3 causes of motorcycle collisions

On Behalf of | May 9, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motorcycles are more dangerous than larger vehicles for travelers because they offer less physical protection. In the event of a spill or a crash, a motorcycle doesn’t safeguard a rider at all against catastrophic injury. People may wear special gear, but the possibility of brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and severe fractures is still relatively high when compared with those in enclosed vehicles with more robust safety systems.

Avoiding a crash is, therefore, usually a top priority for everyone on motorcycles. To effectively minimize personal risk, a motorcycle rider needs to understand what causes most collisions. These are the top causes of serious motorcycle crashes.


Some people on motorcycles will drink before going out for a ride. Even if someone doesn’t feel impaired, difficulties with balance and increased reaction times are even more dangerous on a motorcycle than they would be in a larger vehicle. Riders could also end up severely hurt if they encounter a drunk driver on the road. Being very proactive about limiting one’s alcohol consumption before going for a ride and also carefully monitoring the behaviors of others in traffic could help someone avoid an alcohol-related crash.

Excess speed

Motorcycles give someone a sense of freedom that can push them into unsafe practices. People sometimes end up increasing their speeds to dangerous levels because of how thrilling the ride is. Too much speed could easily lead to someone losing control and getting into a preventable crash.

Inattention and distraction

Motorcycles generally require someone’s full focus, and manual distraction is much less of a concern. Unlike in a car, where people can use their knees to steer, most people won’t use their hands for other purposes when in control of a motorcycle. However, distracted drivers are also a major threat. Distraction only elevates the risk caused by inattention. Motorists not aware of their surroundings or not intentionally looking for motorcycles could make mistakes in traffic that bleed to tragic outcomes. Many drivers also simply fail to watch for motorcycles, which can increase their chance of hitting them in traffic.

Defensive driving skills and constant awareness of one’s surroundings are among the best solutions for these serious safety concerns. Being aware of what causes motorcycle crashes can make it easier for people to avoid being involved in one.